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Pamela Young, referred to professionally as Ms. Young,  founded The Young Agency in 1996 and continues to serve as President and CEO today.  As a former model, actor and a leading powerful Phoenix businesswomen for over 30 years,

Ms. Young's experience and know-how has solidified her to be a leader in the industry where she is recognized as one The AZ's Business Journals, "book of List" top 50 Minority owned business in the State of Arizona from 2006-2009.  With her connections in NY, LA, Las Vegas, and all throughout the southwestern United States of America including, but not limited to, Texas, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando and New Orleans, she has helped launch and guide the career of many models, actors, singers, and dancers.

She holds the trade names for AZ's Next Top Model, AZ's Got Talent, Kid's Fashion Week, and Teen Fashion Week, all the while being completely committed to the development of each model/talent who dreams of success in the entertainment industry.


Ms. Young is the proud published author of 

How to Become a Kid-Model; The Hidden Secrets that will skyrocket your career! © 2017

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